Tender Care Day Nursery


Originally founded and named by Mayor of Croydon Councillor Bernadette Khan, Tender
Care at Zakia Centre has been described as a ‘home away from home’.

Tender Care at Zakia Centre is situated in West Croydon and is walking distance from the train station, tram stop and several bus routes. This nursery caters for children aged 18 months to 5 years old and can cater for 24 children at any one time. 
All the children are together in one environment allowing the 2 year olds to thrive from being around older children – expanding their vocabulary and learning experiences as they play and interact with those older then them. The eldest children in the setting really develop their social and emotional development skills as they learn to an awareness of feelings, emotions and for the wellbeing of the younger children and recognise the dangers they may face – we often find that older children will try and comfort their younger peers, encourage them to play, share with them and adapt their play.
The nursery has its own outdoor play area, complete with a slide, mini rock climbing panel and rope wall, children also have access to a large computer and times throughout the day to help develop their ICT skills and learning at the same time through our interactive educational games. Due to its term time operation and flexible session times we have found this caters ideally for those ‘school hours’ that so many parents and carers find difficult to obtain unless the nursery is on site ad a local primary school.


Cosy, Home-like Environment

This smaller setting creates a warm, welcoming environment so children are likely to feel less overwhelmed when settling in.

Online Learning Journals

Parents can see progress and updates in real-time from the comfort of their home or office desk so you never have to worry about missing their first steps, words, or any other significant milestones in their journey.


We create unique packages for each child that suits their routine, your working pattern and still allows them to engage in our unique small group targeted learning experiences.